Great for Clients for any Occasion

We used San Francisco Cookie Company several times over the last years and we received excellent compliments and questions about where our cookies come from. We wished we could say it comes from our own sweet manufacturing company but the glory goes to this company who also add our company logo and I have to add that their cookie recipe is to die for. We simply give them our gift list and information and they do the rest!

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I received the nicest Gift from the Company

I love cookies any cookies, but the best cookies I ever tasted came from San Francisco Cookie Company. I actually tasted some of their cookies at a friend who works at the bank who got them as a birthday gift from the bank. Seven months later when I started working at my new job, I received a new employee welcome gift. I was delighted to say that they came from San Francisco Cookie Company as well, and this is something my family and friends will have to get used to, I will definitely be buying my personal gifts for occasions from them as well.

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Great Corporate Gifting Idea

People got used to us always giving them wines each year as Christmas Gifts, thank you gifts and we decided to try sweets or cookies last year. We decided to use San Francisco Cookie Company as a friend of mine actually brought some of the cookies for me from another company. I was impressed by not only the texture and taste of these cookies, but the fact that it carried a logo of the company where my friend got her gift. I contacted them, the service was great and speedy and my own company logo was one the batches I sent out last year. This is a tradition I will continue for sure.

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Best Choice we made is To Use This Company

Each year it is a struggle to know what to give our employees as gifts as we have done most gifting options. When the Tempobet Giriş CEO suggested that we do something, complete different from the usual and left it up to me to decide I discussed it with my wife who gave me this brilliant idea to get them cookies from San Francisco Cookie Company. I had my doubts, but when speaking to the staff at a later stage, each one of them were incredibly impressed including the CEO, who received cookies with our company logo.

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Excellent Company Branded Gifts

I wanted to get away from the wine or pens as a corporate gift, and was looking for other ideas, which could be different, yet still appreciated. When one of my coworkers showed me, a pamphlet from San Francisco Cookie Company decided to order first a small batch to ty the cookies. They were absolutely melt-in-the-mouth delicious, since then have I used them several times for our entire corporate client gifting, and they even add our logo.

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