We opened the San Francisco Cookie Company in October of 2005 with the idea of creating a business which both expressed our passion for quality baking and our desire to have a customer friendly business. We were eager to show our dedication to these values as well as to build a large patronage that appreciated a quality product and quality service.

As a baking enthusiast, I started my creative endeavors in the kitchen at a young age and have continued to perfect my recipes over the years to create new and exciting tastes from traditional recipes, as is reflected in our signature San Francisco Cookie recipe. This particular recipe was created over the course of six years and is unmatched. The base dough is where the magic is, and from this base, a number of flavors can be created. My partner brings a family legacy of cooking and experience from Italy that has been passed down for generations through a family cookbook, family owned deli, and personal instruction from lineage that emigrated from Genoa to the Bay Area in the early 1900’s.

With this personal kitchen knowledge as well as over 20 years of business experience in the San Francisco Bay area between the two of us, we knew we had the right ingredients to offer something better than what was out there. Both recently married and looking to start families, we decided to build on our friendship, our trust in each other and our knack for laughing to create something from scratch — work ethic and cookie recipes blended to form the San Francisco Cookie Company!

Our feeling is, no matter the occasion….you can’t go wrong with cookies!